Vida John

Vida John Tutoring is dedicated to helping motivated students excel in math problem solving and competition math. This service uses the Art of Problem Solving curriculum to help students understand, develop, and use their problem solving techniques for math success!

  • Is your student taking an AoPS online class and struggling with homework?

  • Is your student studying independently with textbooks published by Art of Problem Solving?

  • Is your student preparing for MathCounts or AMC and doesn't have old exams or needs help?

  • I scaffold students homework studies with Socratic questioning to prompt their understanding of AoPS topics.

  • I prepare students for MathCounts, AMC, and other math contests, using years of old exams annotated with lesson plans to explain any topics to bring the student up to speed.

  • I work with elementary through high school students with Beast Academy, and AoPS Prealgebra through Calculus.